Ideas Of March

Whilst at 'the day job' this morning I checked twitter to see that @MrQwest had tweeted a blog post entitled "Ideas if March". Having seen his previous tweets about having a load of blog ideas I though this would be a brief list of said ideas. I was wrong. In fact Anthony's blog post took me to a post written by Chris Shiflett.

I love twitter as a platform for chatting, asking and answering questions but sometimes what is being said has to be truncated to fit into the 140 charecters. As such conversations can become disjointed and you may find yourself including someone who left the chat a while back.

I've only recently started blogging. I've been 'designing websites' since the early days. I can remember the joy when I could use a:hover. I even found an old site the other day that was 'best viewed' in IE 4+ and NN 4+ but, I've only just started blogging.

Part of the reason is because I like the idea of sharing what techniques I find/create using the new CSS3 properties but I've found that it's a good outlet for a bit of a rant that I can't quite fit into 140 charecters.

Before I digress anymore let's get on with it. In Chris's post he outlined several things he'd like us to do in our Ideas of March post.

Why I Like Blogs

Why I Don't Like Blogs

There is always a but.

In The End

I've never really fallen out with blogs, my RSS feed shows me that. But I feel that we do need a revival. If you blog about what you're thinking it's better documented than in a barrage of tweets. If you don't agree with something, write it down in long form. If you do agree with something, write it down in long form. If you have an idea, write it down in long form. To help us all make sense of this infant technology write it down in long form so that we can all shape it to be the best is can be.