More Podcasts than you can shake a stick at

Back in April last year I wrote a short post gathering together some podcasts I listen to. It seems thus far that 2013 is turning out to be a year for podcasts. That's amazing!. Here's a list of podcasts that you should now give your grubby ears the joy of listening to.


As well as @craiginwales fantastic resource of collection conference videos you couldn't get to go to. He's also been creating some video and audio podcast interviews with some stalwarts of the industry

Happy Monday Podcast

A new, short-burst, industry podcast available every Monday from 7am GMT from @sazzy and @joshlong

The Back to Front Show

Weekly 'web focused' musings from @keirwhitaker and @kieranmasterton

Less Than Bang

A show by and for young & attractive web people from @pauladamdavis and @phuunet

Unfinished Business

From @malarkey and @annadebenham discussing the business side of web things


From podcast mogul @danbenjamin, a live call-in show helping people sort their lives out.

The Web Ahead

Another show hosted by @jensimmons talking all things relevant and topical in the web. Bonus: includes 'The Web Behind' with co-host @meyerweb talking about the history of the web


Another business-side podcast that's worthy of a listen.

Upfront Podcast

A weekly web development podcast by @Jack_Franklin and @benhowdle.

The Port80 Podcast

Where @joel_hughes talks to "various web folk about the stuff they do and why they do it."

These are 'out' but there's a couple to keep an eye out for too...

Beyond Ink

From @missrachilli and coming soon a new web-design podcast that aims to help us understand our craft more than ever before