Bugs, Browsers and Bookmarklets

update: Opera Next 16 fixes the ability to open a document.

I was watching the 'hot topics' panel discussion from Mobilism yesterday where that Jeremy Keith was regaling a story he had with an Apple devrel who said they read blogposts about bugs. So after the public launch of Opera 15, here goes mine.

I've always, sort of, been a fan of clean UI of Opera but due to all the cool kids and their webkits up until Opera Next was released with Blink I stuck with Chrome and after however many days it's been I haven't really touched Chrome at all.

Every transition will never run as smoothly as you'd want it too. I miss my bookmarks, quite a bit. In chrome I've got a couple set up for development that I just can't darg and drop into Chrome (on research today though I think I can create my own 'extensions' for them. I'll release them if I can).

With any development release you should expect bugs. I found 3 or 4 and submitted them to Opera's bug tracker. Here lies one problem. I don't know if I'm repeating someone elses bug report. As Opera (thus far) have chosen to have a closed doors tracking system you can't see if your bugs filed already, if someone's looking at  it, fixing it or if it's been closed. That's pretty crappy in 2013. I really hope Opera open this up, and fast.

As they don't have an out in the open tracking system I can't see if a bug I reported in Next which has made it through to public has been looked at or not, whether it's closed or not or what the hell they're doing about it.

I think the bug is pretty big. I can't open a file. [cmd] O or via the menu is just not working in the current public or next release on OS X. I think that's quite a big bug that needs squashing. So in light of today's release and listening to Jeremy on tape yesterday, I hope the developers find this post (I'll link them to it) and get this bug squashed.