Using Mixture for client review

Most of the time I’m coding up ‘flat’ HTML for clients to then crack open and add to their CMS.

I’ve been using Mixture for quite a time now (just over a year, where’s that time gone?) and I find the ability to host the work I’m doing on their servers as part of their monthly package fantastic.

Doing this means the client can see where I'm up to at anytime I push an update and also easily check it on their mobile or tablet device (or any device).

It’s also really good that it allows you to password protect the project if you wish to. Which is great for clients as there’s no chance someone else can happen upon the site and see what’s occurring, keeping any NDA intact.

I’d thought I’d share with you how I do this.

To make it easy for clients to remember the URL for their project to review I simply setup a redirect from my domain.

This way the client could (hopefully) easily remember rather than

A pretty simple ‘trick’ and a breeze to quickly set-up. 

Of course, you could do this by just uploading the site to your server via FTP each time, but w/ Mixture it's one click and it's doing all that for you. Speedy.