How I use my RSS

Last night at the Port80 spring #Localhost I touched on ways I ‘keep up’ in web development, now I’m working full-time in the industry instead of being on the peripherals as a night-owl freelancer.

After twitter, which I use once in a while, I rely on my collection of RSS feeds.

I’ve got around 400+ feeds hooked up to my feedbin account. Indeed that is a serious amount of feeds that can lead to a potentially huge number of posts at any given time I check.

If it sounds boring, I’d guess it is

As I’ve got a potential huge amount of posts to go through I ‘attack’ my RSS in 3 stages.

First off I go through the whole list and then ‘mark as read’ any posts where the title doesn’t interest me. A little harsh but I don’t think this has affected my reading up on things over the last year or so.

Secondly, after I’ve done this I generally open up each post that’s left and have a quick skim read. If it still seems interesting I think ‘mark as unread’ to read later. Which is basically step 3.

But that still takes time

Of course, at the end of the day, this still takes time. I find time though. Be it those few minutes before I fall asleep in bed (when the iPhone whacks me on the head) or waiting for the kettle to boil for a nice cup of joe.

Tweeting what I like

If time is on my side I often go through a tweeting spree of posts that I read in step 3 that I hope people that follow me would find interesting too.


So to get me to read your post first off I need an interesting title, fastidious I know.

Here’s a link to my current collection of RSS feeds as an XML file.