Sass, a whistle stop tour

On Wednesday 12th of March I thought I'd grab Richard Wiggins for a quick second pair of eyes on some designs I've been doing over the last couple of days. We chatted about it and I mentioned the tweet I saw earlier in the day about one of the speakers for the MK (Milton Keynes) Geek Night he co-organises with Dave Hughes having to drop out. I asked Richard if he found a replacement for the spot. He hadn't. He asked me. I had a quick think of what I could do in (around) 5 minutes and said yes.

As you'll all more likely know that I like Sass I thought I'd talk about that. I didn't want to do a talk about how to get up and running with Sass on your machines and get writing your first lines of code. I wanted to try and debunk some often aired views (which I hope at a later date to blog about fully).

I got my copy of Keynote out and started hacking away at slides I've got for my workshops and trying to tie a nice 'story' or 'adventure' together.

I'm truly amazed and thankful that on the even my friend Ben Seymour decided to hold his phone still for 8/9 minutes and record my talk albeit a little flustered at times.

Here's the audio recording of the talk

I've also put slides on speakerdeck.