Sass: An introduction. A workshop at WebDevConf

I'm really happy to finally announce I'm hosting a half day workshop for Webdevconf in Bristol in October. I've been an attendee for the last 4 years and Axex does an amazing job getting everything running smoothly.

What Will I Learn?

The workshop will give you the tools and skills to make you write better CSS by applying the benefits of Sass. Using both hands-on exercises (by taking a design and coding) and tuition the workshop will cover:

Please bring your laptop (hopefully with Sass installed) as this will in part be a practical workshop.

About the event

WDC (webdevconf) is a one day conference held in Bristol each year around the start of October. This year Alex has added workshops to the conference that run the day before. My workshop (Sass: An Introduction) will run on Thursday 9th October 2014 in the afternoon.

- Tickets are available here -


Here are a few testimonials from previous workshop attendees.

“Stu did a fantastic job making Sass accessible to beginners. The workshop was incredibly practical, light on preaching and heavy on pragmatism. Even an old dog like me, came away wanting to give Sass another go. Highly recommended!”

Alex Morris - Adobe

“The workshop was well balanced, Stuart shared examples and got us using Sass within minutes of the workshop starting, it was a practical hands-on introduction from a clear expert. The relaxed & informal setting made it a pleasure to attend. ”

Steve Kirkley - @stevekirtley

“Stu’s knowledge of Sass and his way of explaining the ins and outs, for me, are unparalleled to anyone else I know.  Highly recommended if you are new to Sass, or are interested in increasing your understanding of this wonderful language.”

Nick Toye - Pixels & Code