1. A Web Developers New Working Week

    14 March 2016

    Why stick to your comfort zone when developing websites. Let’s have a look at using different constraints each day.

  2. How I use my RSS

    27 February 2014

  3. An idea for smarter coding comments

    14 January 2014

  4. What and how I support browsers

    23 October 2012

    <p>I support browsers differently to how your do, and vice versa,</p>

  5. My process is broken and that's ok.

    13 October 2012

    <p>With talk about process, mine is definitely broken, it always will be. But it’s constantly adapted and refined too.</p>

  6. A Coda 2 wish list

    17 September 2012

    <p>I’m really into using Coda 2, but there’s a few things I’d really love to have added to it. To make it ‘the ultimate’ (for me).</p>

  7. Just a little cog...

    22 July 2012

    <p>I’m just a little cog, but a cog that could fit into your work flow perfectly.</p>

  8. no-js? No, I like hasJS

    26 April 2012

    <p>Looking through the current HTML5 Boilerplate, I’ve bucked a trend and decided to change something to suit me. I don’t like no-js I prefer to add hasJS so that, in my understanding, I’m progressively enhancing the design.</p>

  9. I am realigning, redesigning, changing & growing

    21 July 2011

    Just thought I’d throw a quick post up to let you all know (well all 3 of you) that I’m in the (lengthy) process of redesigning this site.

  10. All of sudden I lost 14 inches

    04 July 2011

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