Design Tokens, Components, and 24Ways

Once again, Christmas is nearly upon us and that means it’s the time of year where there’s a fantastic new article on published on 24ways every day on the lead up to Christmas Day.

Two years ago I was excited to write my first article for Drew and the team where I wrote about my experimentation with CSS Grid within Design Systems in my client work at the time.

Two years later and I’m still working with helping organisations and their Design Systems and this last year I have managed to get back into public speaking after a self-imposed hiatus. The last couple of talks have been about Design Tokens and how we can use them when creating reusable components for our Design System.

I felt that parts of the talk would make for a great overview of what Design tokens are, why we should look to use them, how and where we can start implementing them, and how they can help make component design more maintainable, consistent, and scaleable and empower every member of the team to make use of them.

I hope to expand on most of the points I have made in the article in a larger wish to try and share more in 2020.

Design Tokens and Component Based Design