monthly web services costs

shit, how much?

So, back in October Chris Coyier wrote a post laying out his monthly costs for services he uses. I've been meaning to do this post in reply ever since. Now that I've started freelancing full time I thought it quite apt to write it.

EUKHost Ltd. - £8.99

I've been using EUKHost since 2006, I'm on an old legacy pricing structure on a shared linux server. It's pretty good, I've never noticed downtime and their status is generally 99.6% uptime. I've also (thus far) not broken it whilst being "SmasingMag-ed" or "Zeldman-ed". It does me good, and it's cheap.

GitHub (small plan) - £4.40 (ish)

Github hosts the code for but I also use it for creating private repos for client work as a kind of backup. I'm probably over thinking that bit. It's also privately hosting my boilerplate. A constant work in progress before release.

Browserstack - £12.14 (ish)

Unlike Chris, I do have a VM or two but sometimes it's just quicker to user Browserstack. Since it's recent UI update it feels faster and it works perfectly with localhost testing of site using's content injecting for older browsers (no refresh needed for <IE8).

Adobe Creative Cloud - £27.34 (ish)

There was an email that I got giving me this real cheap for the first year if I upgraded from my Photoshop CS6 on-going payment. I couldn't say no. This means I've now got typekit tied to this payment rather than seperate.

Internet Access - £28.95 & £15.00

I've got a broadband line in the house where I'm doing most of my work but I've also got a mifi for when I'm out and about and travelling. For £15 a month I get 10gb of mifi data access with Three. Pretty good coverage but when it drops whilst I'm commuting. Dang!

Freeagent - £16.20 (currently)

I'm not really sure if this 'fits' in this list. I think it does, it's a service that I pay for monthly and it's pretty important to me to help me 'keep my house' in order.

To Total - £113.02 (ish)

Adding all that up works out at £113.02 (ish) a month. Less than I was expecting at almost half of that is internet access (quite vital).


Like Chris states in his post, it'd be nice to hear what your costs are and why you 'need' it to work each month.