I am realigning, redesigning, changing & growing

Just thought I'd throw a quick post up to let you all know (well all 3 of you) that I'm in the (lengthy) process of redesigning this site.

Of course, when I say redesign I mean realign. Well both actually. I created this rather hurridly over Christmas & New Year 2010 and wanted to have so much 'fun' stuff on it I rushed it out the door before everything was ready (backstage area and the daily bit). So this time around I'm taking my time. I'm not rushing. If you know me, you know I never intentially rush ("Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.").

So what is going to happen?

Well I'm going to add an actual porftolio to the site (including my services) so that I can use this site to "show off" (and hopefully get) client work. I did have a fantastic domain (www.handcodedmedia.com) but as I'm struggling to have this the way I want it as a blog I think that trying to create an additional 'services' site would make Jack a dull boy.

I'm hoping to have a daily post. Just to spill some of the minutiae of my day with you all.

I'm hoping to create a 'labs' (previously underdeveloped backstage) area where I can just post quick ideas without the need for a full blog post.

I'll contiue writing this blog. Albeit more regularly. I'm also going to add the abilty to add comments to the blog (on my chosing). I did write previously that I don't want comments but I feel that train of though was wrong. Not allowing people to comment on a post will invariably get them tweetin about their agreement or disagreement and thoughts which as we know is limited to 140 charecters and conversations get borken easily. So comments are good. Comments will be on :D

I'll add a portfolio, services and contact page. I'll "re-jig" the about page so it's less "wordy" and that should pretty much be about it.

Responsive Web Designing

If you do look at this on your 'mobile' device or tablet you'll see the responsive web design is a bit screwy. This was a slight afterthought and before mobile first went stellar. I have more users on iPads and iPhone than I do on IE6 + 7 combined. 

My redesign will be built from the ground up. Using a bit of the HTML5 Boilerplate, a bit of the Skeleton framework, a bit of 320 and up so a bit of this that and the other.

I'm hoping to have this all done in time for the UpdateConf that I'm attending. Along with fresh business cards too :)

Until then, I may post. I may not. I had a great time watching some fantastic speakers at this years CSS Summit and have several ideas and comments I want to share. So you never know. ;)